Group Support Sessions

Educating the community on taboo topics which are often overlooked.

Our educational workshops and activity sessions are run daily and are held in a secure, discreet location, disclosed upon booking.

Under Veil offers classes and workshops that focus particularly upon sensitive topics within the LGBTQ+ community which are often avoided due to cultural/religious stigma. We at Under Veil want to educate our community on relatable subjects such as: discrimination awareness, overcoming substance abuse, forming healthy relationships and sexual health awareness.

This month’s

Please contact us on or 03333 660176 stating:

  • The date and workshop/activity you would like to attend
  • Contact name
  • Contact number and email address
  • Confirmation of booking and information of event shall be sent
    directly to contact upon enquiry.


If you’re more comfortable confiding in one of our fully-trained staff members, we at Under Veil also give you an option to attend our one-to-one support sessions. We are able to sign post to the correct clinical support streams if deemed necessary, 100% confidential.